May 2012

Sidestreet Gallery

Welcome to Sidestreet!    Portland's most unique and eclectic gallery and shop

140 SE 28th Ave.           Portland           Oregon           503 233 1204 

                                  Open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 to 5 pm

                                                                       (Scroll down and click on any photo to see more)

  Allyson Clark, new work.       June 5 to July 31st 


Sidestreet Gallery is very pleased to present the work of sculptor and mixed media artist Allyson Clark.  Allyson studied at Southern Oregon University and now lives in Portland where she makes magical environments of plants and people.  In addition to these magically surreal small vignettes, she creates wondrous plant lights of Paper and wire.  Her attention to detail combined with a sure hand and a clear vision makes this body of work truly remarkable.



Most of the Arts and Crafts at Sidestreet are made by local artists.  

We also collect and import Mexican and world crafts.  

Below is a small selection of work by area artists and Mexican crafts.

     Personal Accerories:  Sunglasses, Reading glasses all $5.00 each, rings, and jewelry


Work by:   Michael Pratt,  Thomas Webb,  Darla Murray,  Pratt & Larson Pottery,  Elisa Leverton,  Amelia Opie,  Jahna Vashti,  Roberta Rossi,  Nation,  Reta Larson,           Furry Bones, Trina Henson, Bub Breithaupt

     Minatures!   All sizes and shapes for doll house enthusiasts and atrists!

                                  Great Star Wars collection...

           Gnomes, Fairies, and Dragons!  lots and lots of them!

World Religion

Halloween and Day of the Dead


Coming Show:   Ceramics by Fern Hill Pottery, Pratt and Larson Ceramics, Sara Swink, and Craig Martell showing in August and September                                

                                                Tile by Pratt and Larson Tile                     coffee cup by Craig Martell               Sara Swink and Fern Hill images coming soon...................

Chistmas and the winter holiday

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